Christmas special sale until December 18

Thank you for always using our online shop.

Well, in November, the city has fallen a little more and a little bit of the city.
Thank you very much for your love for many customers since renewal.
This time, I'm looking for from RAREMY, but I made a special sale of Christmas present.
Popular 3 major brands "Louis Vuitton" "Hermes" "Chanel" We summarized products that are suitable for a special day.
It would be nice if you could be able to use a wonderful Christmas production with an important person.
And from now on, you will feel free to stay and look at the desired product, and our online shop will aim for Raremy (Reaumy), as it aims to further find more and more services, so from now on, everyone Thank you for your continued patronage.



Target: Christmas Collection Special Official Products
Discounts and benefits:Target item 10% OFF & wrapping bag
Period: From December 18, 2020 (Fri)
※ Dose limited, depending on the size, there may be no benefit.