The attraction of Vintage Chanel, which should buy in the current age


This time, I will introduce the attraction of "Chanel", which is often a woman who is a woman, and among them, I will introduce the goodness of Vintage "Chanel".

Starting with a female hat store in 1909, now, from Auto Couture, Porta Porte, Bag, Jewelry, Watch, Puffy .... All genres are getting support from a wide range of layers,[Women's statue that is not intended to see old values] is listed in the brand policyIt is a luxury brand!


Vintage tweed jackets, accessories and bags are still available at present, and you can see the quality of the quality of the material and the polite work of workshop craftsmanship.

Especially now, it is very popular, but let's focus on the bag, flap bag, commonly known as "Matrass" that is icon in "Chanel".

This bag announced by [Gabriel Chanel] in February 1955 is the prototype of "Chanel" bag,It was named [2.55] to commemorate the year and moon announced!It continues to exist as a standard line.

A grid quilting, sparkling chain, iconic turn lock, 180 steps, 180, and craftsman's hand work, a bag representing Maison!

Since the "Chanel" bag is rich in leather material, color, and size development, you should surely find your favorite bag! !

I am recommended [2.55] and [Madomozel]! Even if you buy vintage individuals, it is an item that can be used very long for maintenance, so it is currently attracting attention in the fashion industry, and [Sustainability] It is good for vintage items that can contribute to environmental issues think!

Eco and Luxury, do you start such life?

Fashion adviser Haruka SANO! !

Then next time! !