【HERMES】 Horrible Burkin 【July 27, 20120 Open article】

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This time, I would like to introduce Miranda Car and Cane West to Hermes who wants to love!

183 years started as a Horse workshop

It is the time when the carriage was still used. The rogged carriage seems to be derived here.

"Hermes prepare the best quality carriage, but it is the customer who is the customer who is the customer himself that it is the customer who is himself to know it" is not drawn.

It's too cool

As Napoleon 3 and Russian Emperor et al have a customer, the reputation from that time will come true.

After that, we will forece the decline of the carriage due to the development of the bicycle, and transfer the business axis to leather products such as bags and wallets and have successful today!

In 1888 that the shape of the current bicycle was completed, it is 1891 because Hermes announced a sacco-chlora (Otakwa), which is his first bag, is 1891.😲!

By the way, Hermes acquired the company who ordered shirts and hats one after another, but unlike the Cartier's Ricemon Group, Louis Vuitton's LVMH Group, etc., the first As we were targeted, the acquisition target seems to be a relatively small company

Cool 🤣


~ Burkin Birkin ~

Burkin's prototype is an Otachoa earlier, but now Burkin is overwhelmingly popular!

It is a Burkin who uses Miranda Car and Crab West, written at the beginning.

Burkin, released in the 1980s, has been a symbol of wealth and status immediately for its high price and long standby list.

It seems to have reached the standby list for up to six years😅

 By the way, Burkin can not buy Hermes's direct store.

Burkin is sold only to customers, and it can not be seen by general customers as it is passed through the VIP room during customer service.

It is a great special feeling!

In general, Burkin, which is guided by Hermes, is mostly called "Triyo Clemance" "Vousiffift" and "Togo".

Above all, it is a Burkin of special materials such as "Croco" that can not be purchased by Hermes! Burkin, called "Himalaya", is further ill. There are many people who want more than 7 million fixed prices😅

Production and premiere sense of these rareness are more valuable to Burkin. The higher the purchase price is that of such rareness and demand.

It seems that there was also a Burkin with 42 million values ​​at the auction in the past!

Naturally, the degree of completion as a bag is also high, and one craftsman finishes to the completion, and the durability of the harness manufacturing know-how and the word of the raw stone.

However,It is a Burkin that can be handed by the selected human being.

Well, this time, I introduced Burkin representing in Hermes, which everyone knows?

We will introduce various brand information in the future, so please do not hesitate.♪

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