Louis vuitton Daddy Collaboration Line


Fashion Advisor's Haruka!

Today, I would like to introduce the attractive collaboration of "Louis Vuitton"!


The other day,NIGO®Collaboration withThe secondReleased,Louis Vuitton. We have announced collaboration with various artists and brands so far.

YaYayoi KusamaYamamoto, Yamamoto,SchemeYaFujiwara HiroshiLoseFragment design. Numerous masterpieces are created and time-passed items that continue to attract people continue to rise now.

This time, it was announced in the 2001 Spring / Summer Collection,Stephen SprausCollaboration withMonogram GraffitiI would like to introduce!

2001Louis VuittonIt was a creative director ofMarc jacobsBut the actressCharlotte Gens BooleanWooded at her homeLouis VuittonInspiration from the trunk, friends' artists,Stephen SprausI asked for a design.

And it was completed
Monogram graffitiIt will be line.Mixed design of uptown sophistication and downtown punkIs the attention of the music industry, art industry and fashion industry!

Unfortunately on March 4, 2004, he died due to heart failure due to the influence of lung cancer suffered.

Stephen Spraus will be held on the theme of art and fashion symbiosis in January 2009.

In agree with this, Louis Vuitton and designer Mark Jacobs says him, new [Monogram Rose] line and more Sental-Sensational [Monogram Graffiti] line was announced with new [Monogram Rose] line and [Monogram Graffiti] line. is.

This time,Stephen SprausCollaboration withMonogram GraffitiWe introduced the line!

Since there are many collaborations of "Louis Vuitton", we will introduce you again! !