[Louis Vuitton] Collaboration with seven masters, Seven Designer's Collection [July 22, 2010 Open article]

Nice to meet you! If you are not the case, it's not good!

My name is Haruka of the Brand Run City Situ Advisor! In this blog, we will introduce various brand trivia and vests to get a luxury brand more familiar with a luxury brand! Today, I would like to introduce a super rare collaboration among Louis Vuitton's collaboration!

Monogram and Canvas 100th Anniversary Seven Designer's Collection in April 1996, Louis Vuitton's monogram and canvas celebrated the 100th anniversary, and a commemorative festival in 7 cities in the world was held "Seven Eyers Collection" collaborated with seven designers Was announced! The seven designers will be "Manoro Branik" "Helmut Lang" "Sibera" "Romeo Gili" "Isaac Mizura Hahi" "Azdin Allia" "Vivian Westwood"!
Even now, it is an ugly member! !
I personallyHelmut LangThe bag designed is a push! !
The bag will be here! !

Helmut LangThe "is a hard case for records that" designed "using a monogram canvas! Records can be stored 70, and CD can also be stored!
Two sales in Japan ...
I do not know if I can meet again ...
Helmut Lang"The price of this collaboration bag seems to be outstanding value, as the apparel of the 1990s is soared in the early 1990s.
Advertisements are also served with a younger ideas to get on the back of Louis Vuitton! !

Collaboration with Mode Carrisma, Azdin Arare

Well, the next collaboration has made a body-conscious dress in the 80'sAzdin ArareIt is a collaboration with! !
In Japan, it was limited to 100 sales!
Bag design isLouis VuittonHandbag "AlmaIt is a bag that combines the Haraco of Leopart in a form like! !
Azdin ArareIt is a glamorous bag that seems like!
Impact is strong in Leo Pad, but also casual fashion, and when going to a party,Azdin ArareI think it is nice to be fashionable and wonderful to match the dress of "! !

This time, I focused on two great designers! !
how was it?
Next time I would like to introduce the collaboration of the 100th anniversary continue!
"Brand Room City" Fashion Advisor Haruka