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How much does the shipping costs?
Even if you purchase anyway, shipping fee will be free shipping.
Is the product that is dealing with new?
Theories handled on this site include vintage and new. Specifically, please refer to the status rank of the product page.
Are the brands handled real?
Products handled in our shop will be certified as regular products that have passed the strict appraisal established by the Company. Please buy with confidence.
I would like to purchase by looking directly at the product, is there a physical store?
There is a real store at Yokohama City, Yokohama Prefecture. There are also many products that are not listed on online shops, so please stop by when you come nearly nearby. As for details of actual stores, such as address and opening hours, please refer to that.
What is a regular guarantee?
The appraiser performs authenticity checking by the strict authenticity standards established by our company. As it is appraised with one point of product, please use with confidence.
What is the purchase guarantee?
Products purchased on this site will buy 100% in the branded room market operated by our company. Please use it with confidence as it will be purchased if you want to get another product after purchase or no longer need.
Do you receive information such as sale?
For membership registration at this site or a friend with a friend in LINE, we will inform you of a secret sale guidance and a member-limited coupon.
Please tell me the opening hours.
Opening hours will be 10:00-19:00 excluding weekends and holidays. In the case of a real store, it will be 11:00 to 20:00 all year round.
Please tell me how to register as a member.
Enter the Login / Sign Up (humanoid icon) at the top right of the site screen, fill in the email address and set the password. To the registered email address, INFO @ RAKU1.SHOP will be completed when the title of "Verifying Customer Account" is received from INFO @ RAKU1.SHOP.