Lambskin Mini Matrasse Cocomark Chain Shoulder Bag

¥484,199(TAX IN)

Condition rank

About rank

A condition rank represents the state of the product in eight stages.

N New
S Used goods that are very good
A A secondhand article
AB A slightly used and good condition
B Common used goods
BC A secondhand article
C A used article that is very bad and very bad
J Junk goods with bad quality
  • N
  • S
  • A
  • AB
  • B
  • BC
  • C
  • J

Condition blue

Usage A slightly used and good condition
Condition green Shoulder: dirt
Inside: scratch

Size details

Size Height: 14 cm
O (width): 17 cm
Chai (depth): 6 cm
Black Leather Shoulder Bag

Commodity details

Commodity details Color: Red
Lamb skin

Commodity information

Commodity information Line / type
Model number:
Cereal number one
Inquiry number: b5000545200001520
RBA AA nhelhp
Accessories Kad Syria Hotel
  • 送料無料
  • 正規品保証
  • 買取保証



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