Leather Bazorway Medium 2way handbag

¥97,199(TAX IN)

Condition rank

About rank

Condition rank is a representation of the state of the product in eight stages.

N Brand new
S Like new ones, very good use used goods
A Less feeling, relatively good second-hand goods
Ab Somewhat feeling of use, good second-hand goods
B General second-hand goods with sense of use
Bc The feeling of use is strong, and relatively bad old goods
C There is a considerable sense of use, very bad old goods
J Products and faults with bad conditions
  • N
  • S
  • A
  • Ab
  • B
  • Bc
  • C
  • J

Condition Details

Status of use Like new ones, very good use used goods
condition Surface (upper part): Kiz (small)
Inside: faded (small)

Size Details

size (Height): 18 cm
Yoko (width): 29 cm
Machi (depth): 12 cm
Handle: 19 cm
Shoulder (longest): 116 cm
Shoulder (shortest): 97 cm

Product Details

Product Details Color: Gray
Material: leather

Product information

Product information Line / Type: By The Way
Model number: 8BL146
Query number: B50231572000056
Management number: YR 2021-10-06 DYR SHEHP
accessories Save bag strap crochet
  • 送料無料
  • 正規品保証
  • 買取保証



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