Eclipse Zippy Wallet Vertical Round zipper long wallet

¥75,000(TAX IN)


Condition rank

About rank

The condition rank is the status of the product in eight steps.

N Never used, Like New.
S Excellent, used only a few times.
A Used goods with less usability and relatively good condition
AB A second -hand goods with a slightly used, good condition
B A feeling of use, general used goods
BC It has a strong feeling of use and is relatively bad for an old item
C There is a lot of feeling of use and is very bad.
J Products that are significantly poor, junk with problems
  • N
  • S
  • A
  • AB
  • B
  • BC
  • C
  • J

Condition details

Status of use Used goods with low feeling of use and relatively good condition
Condition Horn: Thread (small)
Inside: Initial / Name included ( -)
Inside: thread / dirt (small)
Coin purse: Yogore (middle)
Bracket: scratches (small)

Size details

Former (height): 20cm
Yoko (width): 10cm
Machi (depth): 2cm

Product Details

Product Details Color: Black
Bracket color: Silver
Material: PVC

Product information

Product information
Model number: M62295
Serial: IC chip
Inquiry number: G502359200004944
Management number: 2023-12-15 DA YR ASLJA
Accessories Save box storage bag
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